Hardly Easlie



Change is inevitable, how you change is up to you.


In an average high school where personalities crash into each other, a group of teenagers struggle to find themselves and each other while navigating the pitfalls of High School.

Cast & Crew

Mrs. Mortenson


Michael Emery
Tara-Nicole Azarian
Machelle Glassburn
Steve Brock
Anne Westcott
Danielle Wallace
Thomas S. Nielsen

Roe Moore
Roe Moore
Carrie Scott


Grant, the all American star of the football team, is coming to terms with his own sexuality. Samantha, a studious and intelligent young girl, is under immense pressure to succeed at all costs. Steve is a bully who pours out the abuse on others that has been poured into him. Seth is the quiet boy who realizes it’s possible to be more than himself. And finally, Chelsea, the cheerleader who bucks all traditions.

Like all teenagers, they are aware that they want something for themselves, that they want to be something, but what that something is, is nearly impossible to define.

As the school year wears on, Steve has a major opportunity to change his life for the better, but can’t seem to hold himself together long enough to escape the path he’s on, the same one his alcoholic and abusive father chose. Samantha is leashed to her school work by her overbearing, though well-meaning mother, as she finds herself in a budding romance with Steve. Chelsea grows tired of pretending to be something she’s not for the sake of Grant’s lie and forges her own path seeking out a relationship with Seth. Seth, baby step by baby step, starts to take small risks by speaking to Chelsea, with great nudging and berating from his fearless younger sister Jenny. Grant refuses to confront his own sexuality and admit to the false front he’s been putting on for the sake of his family.

Prom arrives and it quickly becomes the focal point for, what is essentially, the last moments of their childhoods. Samantha fights with her mother about her future in an attempt to gain some control over her life and her future, including sneaking out to go to prom with Steve. When she arrives home, her mother relents, slightly, allowing Samantha to take a year off for volunteer work before going to an Ivy League school. Grant is forced to face himself and the lies he’s been telling his parents, each of whom take the news in drastically different ways. After losing his scholarship, Steve’s relationship with Samantha gives him the courage to confront his inner demons and his father convincing him to make a change for the better. In the end, Seth realizes life is better lived out loud rather than quietly and in his mind.

  • Michael EmerySteve

    Michael trained at the prestigious The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since his graduation, Michael has worked steadily appearing on ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, MONK, GUIDING LIGHT, and most notably as “Andy” on AS THE WORLD TURNS. You may have also seen him on: Showtime’s SHAMELESS, CBS’ hit show BLUE BLOODS, the ABC show, BODY OF PROOF opposite Dana Delany and a lead in the TV film SCOURGE and recently finished shooting a co-star role in the TV Pilot WHOA! starring Linda Blair. Michael will be recurring on the hit TV series, AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

  • Tara-Nicole AzarianAshley

    Tara-Nicole is an American actress who graduated High School, with honors, at the age of 14. At 15, she had already won 5 Telly Awards for her writing and directing. At 16 she had written and directed 6 short films, 2 web shows and her work had shown at over 140 film festivals both Nationally and Internationally. Tara’s films have shown at the iconic Egyptian Theater and the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, on cable television, in schools and in several different countries. A recipient of the meritorious Silver Award in Girl Scouting, The Corlin National Community Service Award and National Community Service awards from NAM & ACP, Tara-Nicole is passionate about the prevention and treatment of eating disorders.

  • Machelle GlassburnSusan

    Machelle Glassburn’s credits span the theatre, television, commercials and independent and major motion pictures.  Her film credits include “We Bought a Zoo” with Matt Damon and Lionsgate’s “Speak No Evil.” Machelle was nominated for best actress at the Phoenix Film Festival for her role in Winding Road and won best ensemble cast for Winding Road and her film Two Coolest Ninja’s in the Phoenix Film Festival. Her training includes Playhouse West in LA, Carter-Thor Studios and improv at The Groundlings. Machelle is currently working on several independent films as well as a one women show.

  • Steve BrockJim

    Steve has just finished a run of a musical review “Songalogues” at Lifebook Playhouse (2014) and “3060” at Two Roads Theater. In June, he performed a one man show called Uncovered, where he played original music and some arrangements with an amazing band. He is training with Allen Levin at Lifebook Acting Academy and is a graduate of Second City.

  • Anne WestcottMrs. Mortenson

    Born and raised in Minneapolis, Anne found her passion for acting in middle school plays and discovered her initial love for science fiction with “The Twilight Zone.” She spent her university days between acting, keeping up with science fiction series, and playing collegiate fast pitch. Anne is a Meisner and Chekhov professionally trained actor. She credits her versatile comedic and dramatic range to her training with Lev Mailer of the Lev Mailer Actors Studio. Anne currently resides and works in Los Angeles.

  • Danielle WallaceJenny

    Born and raised in Southern California, Danielle found her love for acting in 2010 at the Grove Community Church where she performed her first role in “Life in the Pits.”  Soon after, she started taking theatre at her high school and joined the drama club.  There she performed her second role in “Never Grow Up.”  A member of the International Thespian Society, she directed the one-act play “Just A Stage He’s Going Through.” Danielle’s film credits include ‘Citizen K-9’, ‘Neighbors’ and ‘Kids Out Loud’, ‘Outfoxed’, ‘Just A Guy’ and ‘The Winning Formula’.  Danielle is currently studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Danielle currently has a red belt in Shotokan.

  • Thomas S. NielsenDennis

    Tom is a theatre actor from New York. Some of his theatre credits include work on productions of Richard III, Oedipus Rex, The Day the Whores Came Out to Play Tennis, and 3 Days, 3 Girls, and an Angry Asian Guy. Tom moved to California to continue pursuing work on film and television. He’s worked on WORKSHOP: The Series, Citizen K-9, and most recently provided his voice for What A Waste…..Not. He is currently in the writing stage on several projects including a web sketch series, and web dramedy series. Tom studies acting with Salome Jens. Outside of the acting world, Tom is a husband, father, and tennis pro.