Everything’s Good in Greg’s Car



They say everything is better in moderation. This includes Love.


Greg sacrificed everything for love – until he fell on hard times after being laid off. His wife left him, took the kids, and drained the bank account. Now he’s found himself in a new city. Lacy runs a successful marketing company and has let her career has win over love every time. When the two collide, can they find middle ground to make love work?

Cast & Crew


Executive Producer

Thomas S. Nielsen
Roe Moore

Roe Moore
Roe Moore

  • Thomas S. NielsenGreg

    Tom is a theatre actor from New York. Some of his theatre credits include work on productions of Richard III, Oedipus Rex, The Day the Whores Came Out to Play Tennis, and 3 Days, 3 Girls, and an Angry Asian Guy. Tom moved to California to continue pursuing work on film and television. He’s worked on WORKSHOP: The Series, Citizen K-9, and most recently provided his voice for What A Waste…..Not. He is currently in the writing stage on several projects including a web sketch series, and web dramedy series. Tom studies acting with Salome Jens. Outside of the acting world, Tom is a husband, father, and tennis pro.

  • Roe MooreLacy

    Originally from Aurora, CO, Roe Moore’s entertainment career has taken her both in front of the camera and behind the scenes on familiar television shows like Lucha Underground and Wives with Knives as well as indie film favorites like Entertainment (John C. Reilly/Michael Cera) and The Escort (Bruce Campbell/Lyndsy Fonseca). As founder of PiePie Productions, Roe has been part of the team responsible for multiple award-winning projects including short film Dark Specter. Well-known facts: Roe’s favorite number is 2 and absolutely loves dachshunds!