Dark Specter



When the devilish Dark Specter decides to make his move and try to secure the first step in his nefarious plans, it is up to the heroic Spark to confront him. However, an unwanted guest turns up to disrupt this epic battle to the death.

Cast & Crew

Bruce Nachsin
Evan Alexander Judson
Judy Nazmetz

Dark Specter
The Spark

Executive Producer

Bruce Naschin
Roe Moore
Bruce Naschin
Chris Warren
Marcelo Quinonez


  • Bruce NachsinDark Specter

    Bruce Nachsin is a writer, producer, and actor who wears his Philadelphia-ism on his sleeve like the red badge of courage.  Bruce has a pathological need to feel he is funny and has set off on this endeavor to prove it to the world.

  • Evan Alexander JudsonThe Spark

    Originally from New York, where he studied at the William Esper Studio, Evan has much of his background in Theatre, playing many roles from Shakespeare’s classics to contemporary greats like Tennessee Williams and Martin McDonagh. Evan has also appeared on television’s Burn Notice, as well as the new HBO series Baller$. When he is not in front of the camera or on stage, Evan actively pursues his passion of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has recently achieved the title of purple belt.

  • Judy NazemetzMother

    Judy has over 100 appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You might also know her from commercials where she dove head first into a super deluxe ice cream sundae, or the time when she was nearly was run over by 40 speeding Mazdas, or the time she was blown out of the water by Capt. Crunch’s submarine. Her stage roles include Helga in Theatre40’s Night Watch, Mag in Beauty Queen of Leenane. She also wrote and performed in her one-woman show, All That Naz, with a cast of five.

  • Chris WarrenDirector of Photography

    Chris Warren is a Los Angeles based Director of Photography. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Radio-TV-Film, with an emphasis on film production from California State University, Fullerton. Since graduating in 2009, he has shot several projects, including short films, web series, spec commercials, and independent features. He has also had the privilege of working with talent such as Morgan Shepard, Bridget Marquardt, Graham Beckel, and NFL MVP Drew Brees. As a cinematographer, he is always looking for a great story to bring to life. Chris’s bodies of work include both film and HD digital formats. When he’s not the cinematographer on set, he continues to expand his knowledge by gaffing, gripping, or camera assisting.

  • Marcelo QuinonezComposer

    Composer and performer of everything from Latin Alternative music to a wide range of scores for film, television, commercials, and viral marketing campaigns.  Marcelo is a diverse and multifaceted artist; possessing the uncanny ability to create powerful musical compositions that convey vivid emotions, and imagery.Cuchata’s last album charted in the top ten for Non-Commercial and College radio charts across The United States and Canada.  Their music has been licensed for commercials, television shows, and feature films.  Cuchata’s continued success and growth through musical experimentation led Marcelo to undertake a new challenge: a career in film and television music including a feature animation Get Squirrely, which will be coming to a theater near you in early 2016.