Citizen K-9

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An infamous dog who passes away and the final owner tries to find out her history. Throughout the journey, one mystery remains: the dog’s final words of “rawhide.” Made for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project 2014, Citizen K-9 was born out of the passing of Roe’s dog, Pretzel.

Cast & Crew

Sam Joel
Dr. Anne
Roe / Narrator
Boyfriend of Penelope

Sound Editor

Thomas S. Nielsen
Katie Patterson
Danielle Wallace
Anne Westcott
Roe Moore
Brad Painter

Susan Lee
Susan Lee, Roe Moore
Roe Moore, Brad Painter
Zack Davidson
Nhieu Do
Nhieu Do
Andrew Royce Quezada

  • Thomas S. NielsenSam Joel

    Tom is a theatre actor from New York. Some of his theatre credits include work on productions of Richard III, Oedipus Rex, The Day the Whores Came Out to Play Tennis, and 3 Days, 3 Girls, and an Angry Asian Guy. Tom moved to California to continue pursuing work on film and television. He’s worked on WORKSHOP: The Series, Citizen K-9, and most recently provided his voice for What A Waste…..Not. He is currently in the writing stage on several projects including a web sketch series, and web dramedy series. Tom studies acting with Salome Jens. Outside of the acting world, Tom is a husband, father, and tennis pro.

  • Danielle WallaceDanielle

    Born and raised in Southern California, Danielle found her love for acting in 2010 at the Grove Community Church where she performed her first role in “Life in the Pits.” Soon after, she started taking theatre at her high school and joined the drama club. There she performed her second role in “Never Grow Up.” A member of the International Thespian Society, she directed the one-act play “Just A Stage He’s Going Through.” Danielle’s film credits include ‘Citizen K-9’, ‘Neighbors’ and ‘Kids Out Loud’, ‘Outfoxed’, ‘Just A Guy’ and ‘The Winning Formula’. Danielle is currently studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Danielle currently has a red belt in Shotokan.

  • Anne WestcottDr. Anne

    Born and raised in Minneapolis, Anne found her passion for acting in middle school plays and discovered her initial love for science fiction with “The Twilight Zone.” She spent her university days between acting, keeping up with science fiction series, and playing collegiate fast pitch. Anne is a Meisner and Chekhov professionally trained actor. She credits her versatile comedic and dramatic range to her training with Lev Mailer of the Lev Mailer Actors Studio. Anne currently resides and works in Los Angeles.

  • Roe MooreRoe / Narrator

    Originally from Aurora, CO, Roe Moore’s entertainment career has taken her both in front of the camera and behind the scenes on familiar television shows like Lucha Underground and Wives with Knives as well as indie film favorites like Entertainment (John C. Reilly/Michael Cera) and The Escort (Bruce Campbell/Lyndsy Fonseca). As founder of PiePie Productions, Roe has been part of the team responsible for multiple award-winning projects including short film Dark Specter. Well-known facts: Roe’s favorite number is 2 and absolutely loves dachshunds!


    Katie Patterson was born in Dallas, TX. Being in a military family, they traveled all around the U.S. exposing Katie to many interesting people and places. She started off as an actor when she was 10 doing community theatre in any city she lived in at the time, and acted in her first feature film when she was 19. However, it was only in late 2014 when she had her first producer gig. Now, she is a core member for PiePie Productions and looking forward to the projects they have in the pipeline.