Stories to Inspire

Creating character driven narrative stories to inspire and provide insight while supporting proactive artists through the opportunity to have their talents highlighted and seen by a worldwide audience.

About PiePie

With a passion for storytelling in the medium of film and television, PiePie Productions aims to create inspiring and thought-provoking content. Founded in 2006, Roe Moore started PiePie Productions during the push for actors to create their own work. Since then, PiePie Productions has been responsible for content across many platforms including Funny-Or-Die’s web series, What A Waste…Not! and award-winning comedic short film, Dark Specter. Now, PiePie Productions seeks to reach audiences worldwide with a variety of feature films and television series across all platforms including theatrical, television, and new media.

Film and television has become the metaphorical dinner table. As a society, many find a connection to the human condition through the television series and films seen in our private home and on the traditional silver screens. It evokes discussion of hard topics. It allows us to connect and feel as though we’re not alone amongst the 7.1 billion people in the world. We bond over the love, the hate, and the loss of our favorite characters as stories unfold on our screens. We connect and find common ground in our opinions, our predictions, and our impressions Because of this, PiePie Productions recognizes the social responsibility behind the films and stories put out to the public. This is why our mission is to create stories that provide an impact and deeper, more meaningful message.

PiePie Production’s upcoming slate includes stories about the human condition regarding uncomfortable subjects but incredibly important subjects that are approached from a new angle that hasn’t been touched upon. By doing this, we hope families and friends across the globe will have a starting point to discuss these topics and bring light to how we can better our world as a whole.

The Origin

PiePie is the nickname that Roe’s father gave her growing up. It was based off the Pi symbols despite the spelling being ‘pie.’ Her father’s intention behind the nickname is that she will always go ‘full circle’ and find herself on her feet no matter what her life’s journey had in store. When it came time to name her production company, she felt it was a good homage to retain the name.

Meet the Team


    Originally from Aurora, CO, Roe Moore’s entertainment career has taken her both in front of the camera and behind the scenes on familiar television shows like Lucha Underground and Wives with Knives as well as indie film favorites like Entertainment (John C. Reilly/Michael Cera) and The Escort (Bruce Campbell/Lyndsy Fonseca). As founder of PiePie Productions, Roe has been part of the team responsible for multiple award-winning projects including short film Dark Specter. Well-known facts: Roe’s favorite number is 2 and absolutely loves dachshunds!


    Originally from Silicon Valley in Northern California, Bill Mehner’s entertainment career has primarily been behind the microphone for the last 20+ years, having been the voice for thousands of commercials, industrial productions, video games, and narrations of all sorts. Now Bill’s career has him not only out in front of the camera (Out of CTRL and other in production projects), but also finds himself in the role of Producer for a number of projects, including an upcoming feature film! Well known facts: Bill LOVES rhinos, and his favorite number is 8.